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I know if you have low FERRITIN, you have trouble tolerating thyroid meds. But does it work the same with low b12? I don't tolerate thyroid meds at all, they make me hotter and more hyper and short of breath. I take b12, but have never been officially diagnosed, it just seemed to make me feel better. But now I'm not doing well at all, and have Hashimoto's, and don't tolerate the thyroid meds. Anyone with any wisdom or experience? By the way, my ferritin levels are around 55, so that is not the problem.
Hi Sue

I didn't know that a low Ferritin could effect thyroid medication, nobody has ever told me this. I'd be interested to know if it could also make a difference to B12.

I've taken thyroxine for 3 years and my ferritin is around 30. I've been getting loads of weird symptoms but my thyroid level is apparently okay.

I keep feeling short of breath also although this has only happened fairly recently and I'm not sure if this is to do with thyroid, low ferritin or B12.

Maybe you should get your B12 levels tested?
I have a drs. appt. tomorrow and plan on bringing that up. I get very short of breath when I get up to 50 of Synthroid, and then any small amount of Armour just makes me SOB right away.
Hi Sue

How did you get on with your appointment?

I asked my doctor today about low ferritin effecting the thyroid medication - she didn't seem to know anything about this (not surprising as she doesn't know much!) She did just say don't take the medication together.

I told her about feeling short of breath and my pulse racing - they just keep telling me it is down to anxiety & stress! :mad:
I kind of feel dumb-my appt. went well, but I actually didn't bring up the B-12 issue. It was a first appt. and I had my current history all written down, because I tend to forget symptoms, etc. I know I have endocrine problems(thyroid, adrenal) and I guess I didn't want to bombard him with everything at once! He wasn't much of a talker, but he seemed very thorough in ordering bloodwork. He ordered 11 vials worth! I looked at the sheet, and he ordered tests that I've BEEN wanting a dr. to order but never had. So, I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens with all the results in my two-week return visit. I will eventually ask to have it tested(the MMA) and see if it comes back abnormal.

From the thyroid board, I found that they said your ferritin should be at least above 50, preferably a little higher, for someone to tolerate thyroid meds. Otherwise, you can get hyper feelings easily.
Hi Sue

I'm glad your appointment went well, it is nice when you feel someone is actually listening to you and doing tests you have wanted done.

Thanks for the info on the thyroid meds - I don't think my Ferritin will ever reach 50, it has only gone from 12 - 30 in 7 months! I'm wondering if I have a problem absorbing it.

I read in my thyroid medication leaflet to advise the doctor if you take Ferrous Sulphate! I've never noticed this before. I don't know what to do as I cannot really stop taking the iron or the thyroid medication!
I hope your dr. at least told you to take your iron many hours apart from your thyroid meds. I think it's at least 4 hours apart.
May I ask if you had anemia symptoms, and what were they? Also, could you tell if they were anemia symptoms(iron def.) and not thyroid? Everytime I have lots of blood drawn, it literally seems to suck the life out of me, I feel dizzier, more tired, achy. But, I never know if I need a little more iron to compensate for blood draws, or it's just my thyroid acting up.


They have never even mentioned this before! I only brought it up the other day from all the help and advice here! She just said may be better not to take it together. They even gave me other tablets one time that were not recomended for under active thyroid so you really cannot rely on them!

My symptoms are so varied and I really don't know if it is down to the low ferritin, lowish B12 or now indeed the thyroid. I never really concerned myself with the thyroid symptoms as I thought this was all in control.

My main symptoms are tiredness, tingling, numbness, pins & needles, flu like pains, coldness in my arms and legs, feel very depressed, heart palpitations and feel out of breath easily, sore tongue, difficulty swallowing, clunking in throat!, dizziness, ear pains, wavy vision problems, feel weak and lethargic. I have now developed white skin patches on my face!

I know stress can cause a lot of problems but I feel there is more to it. When I had lots of blood taken recently I too felt really bad for a few days after. I'm now keeping a log of my symptoms each day to see if I can work all this out!

Do you know what your B12 level is? Mine has gone up as I've been taking supplements, I doubt they will be happy to test this again as they already felt I was in a normal range.

What kind of symptoms do you have?
The only time a dr. checked my B-12 levels was after I had taken my injection within a couple of weeks earlier-it was 600. I just know that when around 4-5 weeks is up, I feel alot more tired. I really don't tolerate iron to work on my ferritin levels. I have a stomach that bloats sooo bad when I take iron, it ends up making me short of breath because there's literally no room for my lungs to expand! I feel like I would like to get my ferritin up, so I make myself eat more beef than I care to eat.

My symptoms are mainly: Lightheaded when I'm up and around-I have to sit after about 15-20 minutes or I feel like I'm gonna faint. This keeps me from shopping, etc. Also, heart racing over 100 most days, up and down b/p, anxiety, extreme insomnia that I take xanax for(wish I didn't have to). I feel like I'm hyperthyroid AND hypothyroid at the same time. I stay home most of the time, because ANY stress makes me feel like I'm going to faint. I also feel like I have the flu without the respiratory symptoms. And, I wax and wane. Some weeks are not so bad, and some weeks are really bad. It keeps going back and forth. I feel obsessed with trying to find that "thing" that I ate or took that made me feel better or made me feel worse. I haven't figured it out yet!

Hi Karen

How long have you been feeling bad for? I've had symptoms for about 18 months now, it makes me feel really depressed like I will never get back to normal (if I can remember what that feels like!)

So are they worried about your B12 & Iron levels? I guess the thyroid could be responsible for many things. I'm getting a real buzzing feeling around my body at the moment as they have increased my thyroxine a bit to see if this helps. I still feel tired though :yawn:

Is it an endocrinologist that you have been seeing?
I started feeling "off" about 7 years ago, about the same time that I was having terribly heavy periods. I don't tolerate iron, and my ferritin had gotten down to around 16. I had a uterine ablation, and I didn't have hardly any bleeding since. But I was left with a not-feeling-normal me. I had to quit driving because my eyes wouldn't focus on the road at 55 mph, and if I had any anxiety with that, it would get worse. But, about a year ago is when I really went downhill with the lightheaded feeling. I have tried thyroid hormones off/on over the years, but I feel immediately hyper. My tsh is either in the normal range or slightly high. I'm sure I could benefit from thyroid hormone, but I'm stuck. I recently went to an endo(like my 4th!) to see if he could sort it all out, and he was impressive with his wanting to dig deeper than any doctor yet. I feel I have a couple of endocrine issues going on at the same time that could be going against each other(:dizzy: ), such as being hypo, with the symptoms, and then having another issue that makes my body hyped up(I don't know if ANY of that made sense!). But he's looking into all of that. My original endo said that he's treated a few thousand thyroid patients and I'm one that's stumped him!:rolleyes:

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