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I have a drs. appt. tomorrow and plan on bringing that up. I get very short of breath when I get up to 50 of Synthroid, and then any small amount of Armour just makes me SOB right away.
I kind of feel dumb-my appt. went well, but I actually didn't bring up the B-12 issue. It was a first appt. and I had my current history all written down, because I tend to forget symptoms, etc. I know I have endocrine problems(thyroid, adrenal) and I guess I didn't want to bombard him with everything at once! He wasn't much of a talker, but he seemed very thorough in ordering bloodwork. He ordered 11 vials worth! I looked at the sheet, and he ordered tests that I've BEEN wanting a dr. to order but never had. So, I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens with all the results in my two-week return visit. I will eventually ask to have it tested(the MMA) and see if it comes back abnormal.

From the thyroid board, I found that they said your ferritin should be at least above 50, preferably a little higher, for someone to tolerate thyroid meds. Otherwise, you can get hyper feelings easily.

They have never even mentioned this before! I only brought it up the other day from all the help and advice here! She just said may be better not to take it together. They even gave me other tablets one time that were not recomended for under active thyroid so you really cannot rely on them!

My symptoms are so varied and I really don't know if it is down to the low ferritin, lowish B12 or now indeed the thyroid. I never really concerned myself with the thyroid symptoms as I thought this was all in control.

My main symptoms are tiredness, tingling, numbness, pins & needles, flu like pains, coldness in my arms and legs, feel very depressed, heart palpitations and feel out of breath easily, sore tongue, difficulty swallowing, clunking in throat!, dizziness, ear pains, wavy vision problems, feel weak and lethargic. I have now developed white skin patches on my face!

I know stress can cause a lot of problems but I feel there is more to it. When I had lots of blood taken recently I too felt really bad for a few days after. I'm now keeping a log of my symptoms each day to see if I can work all this out!

Do you know what your B12 level is? Mine has gone up as I've been taking supplements, I doubt they will be happy to test this again as they already felt I was in a normal range.

What kind of symptoms do you have?

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