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Pica that is what it is called eating ice which is common in anemia. I chewed ice for several years and no one really seemed concerned except my dentist. It was my hemotologist that connected the two together. You really need to have your ferritin level checked. This is not just a regular blood test but it is a test to measure your iron stored. If your iron stored is very low, you need to be more aggressive to replenish it. I have had around 6 or 7 iron by IV for the past almost two years. You also should find out what is causing your anemia, ie GI bleed or your monthly cycle. If your primary doctor is not welling to look into this, find another. Correcting your thyroid can help very little if your iron store and is low. My hemotologist want my level to be at least around 50. I was 2 with a hgb of 8 when I they found out that I was anemic and with hypothyroid. My hgb is now around 13 and Ferritin around 70, which is really great. But even with my hgb in the normal range and normal ferritin right now, I know the ferritin will drop in a few months thus requiring more iron IV. If you are anemic, you will find symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath and just feeling crappy. So request a ferritin test.
Hi Kezzalou, it sounds like you have several conditions, welcome to the club, hypothyroid, B-12 and iron anemia. If all three conditions are not corrected, you will have symptoms of shortness of breath, tiredness, etc. As I said my hematologist said ferritin levels below 50 can lead to anemia. I know most lab does not flag until you are under 10, therefore, most pcp will not see it as an issue. It can take several weeks for you to feel better on corrective thyroid meds ,ie synthyroid. It can take several months if you are anemic to feel a huge difference even with iron replacement. But in my case, my iron goes up after the IV and then back down, thus causing symptoms to continue. I take previcid for gastris, but I know this medication and other PPI will interfer with synthyroid and oral iron, vitamins and iron in foods. I do not take my meds at the same time, I usually wait few hours.

What is your hemaglobin count? You are consider anemic for a woman 10 and under. You can be have low ferritin with normal hgb, whereby you are not consider anemic, but have iron deficiency which could lead to anemia if left untreated. If it were not for the chest pain, shortness of breath and the extreme fatgue, I prob would not have bothered going to the dr two years ago when they my blood test came back really abnormal, with anemia, hypothyroidism, no ferritin, high cholestrol, and I had really high blood pressure. I thought I was having a heart attack which scared me enough to go to the dr in the first place. Did all the heart test and good news, no heart problems.

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