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Pale Skin?
Jan 8, 2007
7th months ago one day I suddenly lost all of my libido and experienced numerous symptoms. Something is definately wrong and I am 22 male. My doctor gave me some wellbutrin for depression, but the weird thing is it has no affect on me whatsoever. I fear there might be an underlying problem.

So i'm doing some research and found that anemia can cause a loss of libido. Also I noticed that when this happened my veins got smaller in size, and I can barely see them anymore when they used to always huge. I was thinking there might be a connection because anemia causes lack of oxygen in the blood so I believe. So my doct checks me out and is gonna give me a test but he says I look healthy because I don't have a pale face or hands (although I'm not tan by any stretch, Just normal I guess) So I guess my main question is can you have anemia without a noticeable pale face?

I am getting a Complete Blood Count in a few days, and head back to the doctor in a week. I appreciate all help/opinons! :cool:

I experience all of these:
ability to concentrate
sensitivity to light/noise
enlargement of lymph node on neck
enlargement of cyst on wrist
lower abdominal pain
loss of appetite
rapid heart beat
Loss of muscle mass
chapped lips, cracked in corners,
sore tongue, rough coating
Legs restless at night (once real bad), but I get alot of random muscle twiches all the time
dry skin
weakness in one or both legs
ringing in one or both ears
loss of or thinning hair
i experience jaundice
bloodshot eyes a lot
accelerated heart rate, breathlessness
over reactive emotions, fearfullness, depression,
sadness, axienty

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