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This happened to me last summer when I was diagnosed with anemia. It's better now since I'm being treated but I was eating crushed ice and popsicles like they were going out of style! My hematologist told me it's common and that some people even want to eat things like sand or dirt!
I"m new to the boards and have been told over a year ago that I was anemic but the doctor I had at the time didn't seem to concerned about it, so nothing was done. This past Nov. I started seeing another doctor who became extremely upset because my anemia had gotten so much worse since it was first noticed. I have been an avid ice eater for the past five years and I don't mean a few pieces here or there. I was buying it in ten pound bags, one a day, every day. I bought a house last year and the fridge has crushed ice in the door and I keep that thing going all day long. I never knew this was a sign of anemia until I read it here and then researched it myself. I have been on the iron tablets for the past three months and have not noticed any improvement in the way I feel at all. My doctor wants me to go for a colonoscopy(sp?) but I really don't want to go that route yet. I do have a rather heavy menstrual flow and think that may have something to do with it. I also have four artifical grafts inplanted and there is a chance they may be leaking so I am scheduled to have those checked as well. Hopefully soon we will find out what is causing this anemia because if it doesn't improve soon, the doc is talking about transfusions. Sorry so long.

that is funny my little boy ask me if people can get addicted to crushed ice. i eat it all day long, can't get enough. then complain about being cold all the time, he said maybe you shouldn't eat so much ice. lol good logic from a child

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