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That is so weird because before I found out I was anemic I noticed that I craved ice. I would eat one glass of ice after another and I still do. It's like I can't get enough of ice.
This happened to me last summer when I was diagnosed with anemia. It's better now since I'm being treated but I was eating crushed ice and popsicles like they were going out of style! My hematologist told me it's common and that some people even want to eat things like sand or dirt!
Yes this is true my mom used to eat ice and she was anemic and it would annoy me to death to hear her crunching on ice all the time. Now I'm grown I'm severly anemic (on prescribed high amounts of iron that make me sick btw) and I eat ice like crazy.
I too am anemic ( Iron is 15 Hemoglobin 9.4 and Ferritin 2.7) I have been craving ice for about a year and a half. I literally eat 6-8 pounds of ice daily(I buy the 8 pound bags and eat 3/4 to a full bag a day). It drives my friends and family nuts. I am getting my first iron infusion within the next week. I hope my cravings stop.
that is funny my little boy ask me if people can get addicted to crushed ice. i eat it all day long, can't get enough. then complain about being cold all the time, he said maybe you shouldn't eat so much ice. lol good logic from a child
does anyone else crave anything else besides ice? i crave ice too, but also dirt, sand, anything that would crunch in between my teeth. does anyone crave anything that is considered "totally weird"? you know things people would never think to eat, but im not talking about gross things just weird things you know. cause i have one craving that would be considered really weird. i was wondering if i could share it here and see if anyone is in the same boat, or with some other craving. :confused:
Besides ice, I wanted to eat Gain laundry detergent and Comet cleanser. I don't have those cravings anymore now that I am on iron pills.

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