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hey boards-

i don't really know where to post this. hopefully someone will read this and have some thoughts.

first off, i started seeing a doctor in june because of tiredness, extreme difficulty in maintaining my weight (despite having a fitness competitor style diet and workout schedule), complete loss of sex drive, and just not "feeling great". i suspected a thyroid issue, but my blood tests for thyroid function came back "normal".

i did, however, have an elevated MCV and MCH level.

i have a history of major IBS and recently diagnosed Lichen Planus, which is an autoimmune skin disorder. the cause is "unknown" but it thought to often be seen in people with hepatitis. i don't *think* i've ever had hepatitis.

recently, i started seeing another doc for ammenoreah. (loss of period) i haven't had one since June. it's still hard for me to keep weight from fluxuating, i'm still very tired, my sex drive is still non-existant, and in the past few months i've had numerous people mention to me that my skin looked yellow to them.
on a blood test two weeks ago my MCV and MCH levels were still raised. i asked them to run a B12 test, which they did a few days ago. it came back at 1396, which is high??

so, raised MCV and MCH levels can indicate a B12 deficiency, yet my blood work came back high?

i'm so confused. i feel like i can't get a straight answer from anyone. i'm mostly sick and tired of people telling me that "nothing's wrong" when i still am exhausted and have to fight my body to make it use the food i give to it.

any ideas?

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