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So, the Dr said...
Jan 22, 2007

Went for an ultrasound this morning to look at my abdomen and my left ovary. I had to insist on the ovary u/s as my dr had forgotten to put it on the order(even tho' that is why I requested it:rolleyes: ) The tech hints around about whether I had ever had a ectopic pg...or could still get pg.

I had been having pinching/pressure there for three weeks (since ovulation) and was concerned about cysts, cancer...who knows what. So...I go to Austin to see the hematologist...and on the way there my pcp calls and says, "Gee, uh, the radiologist called and said they found a mass on one of your organs" I thought..."COULD YOU BE MORE SPECIFIC AS TO WHICH ORGAN BEFORE MY BLOOD TURNS TO ICE WATER AND I RUN MY CAR OFF THE ROAD??"
They told me that there was a small mass on my left fallopian tube and the suspect a tubal. I guess I am shocked that it would be felt or seen this soon.
They asked that I get a beta test done at the hematologist...and we go from there.

Ok, get to the hematologist/oncologist office and he believes I am just unable to absorb iron...period. He wants me to go ahead and do the upper and lower GI to rule out internal bleeding(colon cancer, IBS, who knows what) and sees me going right for the IV iron in a week or so.

They took 8 vials of blood !! I developed a strong urge for steak and spinach, all of a

I will know tomorrow if I am pg....and having an ectopic pg...realizing, they wouldn't be able to do surgery w/o tanking me up before hand w/ a transfusion or iv iron...or if it is *something else*.

Meanwhile, I will drink my nifty liquid iron supplement...take the pills and eat my ice till my teeth fall out.

Thank you for reading my lengthy bio...:dizzy:


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