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I would imagine that you might need to get your B12 shot at least twice a month for a while. I have pernicious anemia and my system will not absorb the B12 therefore, injections are saving my life. Each month my numbers only increase by 50 points with the two injections I do. The doctors call this cycle “loading” since what they are trying to do is increase not maintain my B12 level.

I am sure your doctor advised that low B12 affects every cell in your body and wreaks havoc on the central nervous system. I was advised that as my numbers started to increase I would get better but it will take closer to 12 months before I am back to normal. In some cases if the damage continues long enough the symptoms can be permanent.

You could be like me and the monthly injections are only keeping you at a level point. Have you been tested for pernicious anemia?

good luck.
I have not had to sign a thing. I am in St. Louis MO so maybe its a local regulation or law. I would ask the doctor for copies of all of your lab work and any tests completed. Personally my file is about 2 inches thick. I researched every note on the test results and made sure to give each specialist that I saw copies. This way everyone was up todate and duplicate tests were only ordered if necessary. I had to work really hard to convince the doctors that it wasn't because my diet was low in B12. In addition my #'s were not low enough according to the US standards to be a concern. Aparently I am in the 10% of the population that reacts horribly in the 300-400 number range.

My advise is keep constant contact with your doctor and follow the B12 lab work closely for changes. My doctor advised me that I will be following up with him every 6 months for the rest of my life. And each visit my B12 level will be checked, keeping this in mind when you go to the lab to have your B12 drawn make sure its just prior to giving your injection, this way your not fluffing the numbers.

Keep in touch and wishing you health soon.

When you get copies of the blood work I found an excelent web site that explains why each test is run and what they are looking for.
They're scheduling you for a colonoscopy because they want to rule out any kind of blood loss in your colon. Sometimes people can have blood in their stool and not know it. Longterm bleeding can cause anemia.

Your B12 level is very, very low - no wonder you are tired. I'm surprised you aren't having other symptoms as well.

Has your dr told you what your hemoglobin level is? Folate? Iron? You may need prescription folic acid or extra iron.

Anemia is very complicated and the dr has to do lots of checking to make sure what is causing the anemia. I have Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which eventually led to a low B12 level. The treatment for the AIHA was Prednisone and B12 shots. But they had to get teh AIHA under control before they could correct my B12 levels. I suspect the same thing is true for you. They need to find the underlying condition causing the B12 or it won't get better.

Keep pressing for answers - something defnitely isn't right.

Take care,
Jan: I am sorry to hear about your distress. Hang in there.

B12 anemia can be caused by several factors so it’s nice to see your doctors are taking a more progressive attitude. Be sure to talk with your doctor about getting a B12 shot at least every 2 weeks given how low your numbers are. You do not want to waist any time since it is a very serious situation - the longer B12 continues in the lower levels. Anemia means to be low in something and as you can see it could me low in more that one thing.

The tests are a normall process. I had several blood tests, MRI’s, nerve conduction, seziure test and the camera stuck down into my stomach to rule out various things. The Gastro doctor was looking for stomach problems celiac (tube down the throat) and crohn’s disease (opposite direction) but from what I understand B12 is a very hard vitamin to obsorb since so many factors play a part. In my case the test for celiac did show that I suffer from a mild case and I have a confirmed case of PA.

I feel your pain and fatigue – having been there I know that you feel absolutely horrible. I am only 38 and during the process when they didn’t know what was wrong “I KNEW that I was dieing”. I started putting all of my affairs in order and placing a support structure for my 14 year old daughter. It is absolutely amazing how something that seem so minor can have such an impact.

If you search the web type “Pernicious Anaemia Society” into your search engine – you will find another great site for information.

Good luck and keep in touch.
I amUnique and Jill,

The Doctor only give me the number on the B12. She told me that the B12 was very low and yes I do stay so tired all the time. I have o make my self get up and do the things I need to do and I have never been that. I'm not lazy by no means.

The Doctor's office called me back today and they have me scheduled to see a Doctor on February 14, so they ain't wasting no time I don't guess. I guess when I go in on the 14th, he will set the Colonoscopy up for me. Thanks for all of your help and concern.:)

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