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Jan, how often do you give yourself the shots? One a month twice a month or more. Did your B12 number go up at all since the shots?

For me I have been doing a shot every 2 weeks for the last seven months. During the first couple months I felt a big difference and now they are just small but regular changes. After six months the doctor retested my levels and they did improve I went from 373 to 706 not a huge jump but at least it is going in the right direction. I have yet to see what happens to my level once I go to monthly shots. According to the doctor once my numbers are high enough then the monthly injections should keep me at a level range.

I understand your frustration since recovery from anemia is a slow process.
Hang in there.
I would imagine that you might need to get your B12 shot at least twice a month for a while. I have pernicious anemia and my system will not absorb the B12 therefore, injections are saving my life. Each month my numbers only increase by 50 points with the two injections I do. The doctors call this cycle “loading” since what they are trying to do is increase not maintain my B12 level.

I am sure your doctor advised that low B12 affects every cell in your body and wreaks havoc on the central nervous system. I was advised that as my numbers started to increase I would get better but it will take closer to 12 months before I am back to normal. In some cases if the damage continues long enough the symptoms can be permanent.

You could be like me and the monthly injections are only keeping you at a level point. Have you been tested for pernicious anemia?

good luck.

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