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[QUOTE=Ritah;2775134][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B][COLOR="Indigo"]I am almost five years post-op RNY Gastric bypass. I started having iron issues at about two years post-op.
Your Ferritin is dangerously low at only 2. The infusion you may be talking about is the one I get. InFeD. I have had two IV iron infusions (1,200mgs each). They were over two days each. They brought my levels up temporarily. I did feel good for awhile.
I suffered tremendously before my PCP finally ordered them. My ferritin got as low as 12. I was exhausted, dizzy and this last time I experienced shortness of breath. My PCP finally referred me to a hematologist. She had me go off oral iron for two months to see if it is even helping. She said that I will probably need IV Iron infusions every six months. I see her Tuesday for more info.
The infusions are not so bad. I'd do anything to get rid of the fatigue. I hope that you feel better soon. And yes he told me not to bother with the oral iron as I am not absorbing it anyway.[/COLOR][/B][/FONT][/QUOTE]

[SIZE="2"][FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="Navy"]Thank you for your reply. Yes my hema doc ordered me to have InFed. Did you have many side affects with this iron??? He told me the risk is higher but it would be so worth it. Yes he is not too happy about my ferritin being 2. I have suffered from extreme exhaustion, dizziness, feeling week, and I do get short of breath but I have asthma and I aslway thought that was the reason. He wants my ferritin to be at least 100. I will get my first infusion on Tuesday the 6th then another one, one week later. He will do my labs after one month... then continue to do them every three months. How long did it make you feel better for???[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
Thanks Ritah!

I decided to try iron supplementation on my own, so II'll see if it works. That is an interesting fact about the ferritin reaching a low point and not being able to be brought up by supplementation. Will keep it in mind.

I blew 300$ on a hematoligist. They specifically told me NOT to take iron! go figure.

I LOVE to swim, but cannot go very often as it drains me. I can usually get through a workout (not nearly as strenous as a few years ago), but after that I may crash and have to nap for a few hours. The next day, I feel Like I have been run over by a truck when I wake up.

My drs and hemo have all said the same thing - must be depression. Well, it doens't explain how I start trembling in exhaustion in the middle of a swim, no warning, no rhyme or reason. Or how my heart pounds sometimes when I exert myself, and I have to throw myself on the bed.

I hope all goes well for you. :)

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