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Hi everybody,
I also had GB back in 2003, but I've been anemic since I was little, it runs in my family. It's an ongoing battle to get to the bottom of it all and it can be fustrating. I have had a new development which I'd figure I'd share cuz you never know if it might help someone else. During my last round of visits with my GYN late last year, she detected that I had 3 polyps, which turns out played a role in my heavy bleeding, my really bad PMS, cramps, etc. Since they were removed, the bleeding was really heavy for about two cycles then calmed down considerably. The PMS (cramps) had lessened to, I still get them but they dont make me double over and I dont have to take tons of tylenol anymore. Also my skin cleared up alot, go figure.

She also did some bloodwork on me and like all the other doctors before went into the whole "OMG your levels are crazy" routine. But this doc was different, she gave me two more blood test, and finally called me oneday and said that I have Alpha Thallasemia, which is why the iron tablets do nothing for me, I dont absorb them, and I'm sure with the GB the absorption level is even worse. I am really thankful to her, but it pissed me off becuase since like the age of 12 every doctor says the same thing, take iron, take iron, and none of them bothered to give me this apparently simple test that wouldve diagnosed the Thalasemia, and put me on a diff route in tryin to figure out what to do. So now I am going to go to another hematologist with this new found diagnosis and see what the approach will be this time. I am also gonna try liquid iron and see if that helps. I have a procedure comin up and I know they will move my date if my blood isnt up to par.

For vitamins, I take the Andrew Lessman brand from HSN shopping. They are high potency so I figure theres a better chance of more absorption, they are kinda expensive (60 bucks for 60 day supply) but they are gel caps and dont hurt my stomach.

Whew hope that wasnt too much rambling. Good luck to everyone :)

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