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[QUOTE=fjones1;2777726]Hi. I've noticed a lot of people here use the Spatone liquid iron. I have a question about that product. Do you take one or two packs a day? Does it eventually raise your iron levels to normal? Also has anyone here heard of Hemaplex iron? I tried it but had a bad reaction, though I heard it is supposed to work fast. I haven't had much luck with most iron supplements. The side effects are terrible and they don't raise my iron levels much.


I have heard of HemaPlex. I took it for about a month....I personally did not have any bad reactions to it. It did not work for me though... but I know several people who have and it has worked. What type of reaction did you have?

Sorry I have never heard of the Spatone liquid iron at all.
Hi. According to a lot of the advise on this board, the acceptable ferritin level for iron stores is around 70. Has anyone had any luck raising their iron levels to 70 or more with just supplements and diet and nothing else? If so, did it take over a year? I've had a lot of bad reactions to most of the supplements, there's only one that I can tolerate. I got my latest blood work back, and my ferritin, as of 2/5/07 is 23, up from 4 back in July of 2006. My iron saturation was something like 15%. The doctor said that was normal but also on the low end of normal. This was just before my period, which was heavy for 2 days, so I don't know what it looks like now. But I fear it might take me years to get to a ferritin of 70 with just supplements. It's hard to go around barely able to function, but it looks like I might have to do that.

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