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What type of anemia does he have? Is it iron deficiency or B12?

I think it's important that the blood work be done to determine what is causing it. Sometimes it is an autoimmune disorder, sometimes it is a bone marrow disorder. There are many ways to find this out and, since the colonoscopy proved to be good, then he should be with a hematologist to determine the exact cause.
[QUOTE=peipaws;2782884]I'm not sure what type it is. At his last visit they said he was "borderline". This is the first test of any kind, over this last yr, that has not been "normal". He has been sick for some time and NOTHING ever showed up in bloodwork until now. How long does it take to become anemiac?[/QUOTE]

It's hard to say how long. In the case of iron deficiency, for example, a woman can lose too much blood through her period each month. It could take YEARS for her iron to deplete and then finally she would be anemic.

In a male who is losing blood from somewhere, it could happen very quickly. If it is an autoimmune disorder where his body might be destroying his own blood cells, it might take a few months.
He has his weekly appt tomorrow morning. I'm writing all this down to make sure I ask the dr what type of anemia he has. I believe the different ones that I'm aware of are iron defiency, megaloblastic which is the b folate or b12 deficiency and ACD or chronic disease anemia. If a autoimmune disorder would be the cause, what would I have them test for next? He got the results of this bloodwork last week. At that appt they took more blood to check his thyroid, per my request, and we should find out those results tomorrow. His dr's have been great, as far as, doing any test I request or ask for. Anyone know what to do next? They just cant determin the cause of all of this.

This may be a silly question but....would anemia be the cause of his "night sweats", deep ridges in his nails, heart racing and very depressed one day and couldn't be happier the next day.

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