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Re: Test Results
Feb 9, 2007
[QUOTE=fjones1;2785966]I just got my blood tests results back from my last doctor's visit. Some of the results are:

Ferritin level 23 (10-291)
Iron Saturation 16 (15-50)
Hemoglobon - 14

My doctor says the first two are within the normal range but on the low end of normal. My question is how long would it take to get the levels up with iron supplements? My ferritin was 4 back in July, but it doesn't seem to have moved much. Has anybody had any luck with any of the supplements, either prescription or over the counter? Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Unless your doc is treating you for something else. Just increase your consumption of iron containing foods and things will be fine. A test done shortly after your period, or shortly after a lot of exercise will be off for no reason
Re: Test Results
Feb 9, 2007
I guess the question is: what level are you trying to achieve? Right now, your ferritin is not considered "low". You are in the normal range; however, it could be be too low for you or it could be normal for you. Do you have any baselines from when you were feeling good? Probably not as most people don't get labwork done when they are feeling good!:)

My point is that you *may* be up to near where you are ever going to go. My co-worker just had some labwork done as part of an EPA study in her area. She had uterine cancer back in her 20s (she is 50 now) so she has not had a period in almost 30 years. She is also a health food nut, eats better than most people I've seen, and really takes care of herself. Her ferritin was at 75. This is for a woman who NEVER loses any blood monthly. So, I would imagine if she still had period, she probably wouldn't be nearly at that level.

I know everyone is very individual but if you are feeling very bad fatigue, yet your iron levels are all in the normal range, you have to start looking for another cause for the fatigue also.

By the way, what is your anemia status at this point? Has it been corrected? I now that my anemia corrected pretty quickly with iron supplementation, even though my ferritin was at 5.

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