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Your result is in the normal range (albeit you are on the low end of normal). In this test they measure the amount of transferrin that iron can bind to. The more "gaps" there are (less saturated) the worse off you iron deficiency is. They also look at other numbers within this test to get a whole picture as other diseases could mimic iron deficiency anemia.

My iron saturation level was at 7% last check and my ferritin was at 5--all below normal.

If I remember from your previous posts, your ferritin has come up from a very low amount right? Now you are in the normal range for ferritin but on the lower side. It looks like your iron saturation is in the same range. It seems as if your iron defiiciency may be improving.

According to your labwork, it definitely looks like iron deficiency.

The actual "iron" level in your lab result is a 1. This number is hardly ever used anymore as it can change minute-to-minute during the day.

If your transferrin is high, like yours is, it is because your body is trying to produce lots of transferring to move the iron into the red blood cells.

Your saturation and ferritin are very low too.

Yes, too much iron can be bad for many organs. This is a condition called hemachromatosis. You don't need to worry about that. Too little iron isn't good either (but probably not as damaging as too much). The goal is to just get into the normal ranges.

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