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Sorry no one answered. Usually when no one has any ideas, they just don't answer.

It is hard to answer,also, without know exactly what your full history is.

Have you had ANY iron tests done (ferritin) to prove you are iron deficient? I know you say that your anemic and the tests (CBC) might point to iron deficiency, but have they proven you are iron deficient without a doubt.

It could be that you have all the iron that you need but you are anemic for another reason.

You could be absorbing iron but you could have a bone marrow disorder that doesn't allow the iron to transfer to your red blood cells.

You could be absorbing iron just fine but you could be having blood losses from somewhere that keep making you anemic.

Then, as pika said, there are things that interfere with iron absorption. I am finding out that Nexium *could* be one of them. I have been on Nexium's *sister* drug for 8 years, the last few years full-time every day. Now, I am iron deficient. My gastroenterelogist says that it could be interfering with my iron absorption because you need stomach acid to pull iron out of foods.

So are you taking any type of these drugs every day?

Are you a big tea drinker? Milk drinker? These will interfere with your iron pills also.

Then, lastly, there are just some people who are not very good at absorbing iron and they need to have it IV. That could be you but that is somewhat uncommon. It could be that the iron supplement you take is not highly absorbable. I have read that the one I take is HIGHLY absorbably; however, it is low dose so it still takes awhile.

Hope this helps give you some ideas.


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