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Re: Low Ferritin
Feb 24, 2007
Hi. Actually I just live in the Washington DC metro area. I actually live in Gaithersburg, MD. I found a hematologist here in Gaithersburg who has been treating me. I was referred to her by my thyroid doctor because I thought my anemia symptoms were my hypothyroid acting up again. She sent me straight to the hematologist after looking at my labs. The hematologist told me to just take iron to bring my levels up. My ferritin started out at 4 when I first saw her. In about 6 months of the iron it went up to 23. I had to try all different kinds of iron because she didn't specify any kind and I couldn't tolerate most irons, ferrous sulphate just eats my stomach up and runs right through me. I don't see how people take it. Thank god for Spatone, which I had to find on my own. Anyway, my ferretin has been holding at 23 for a while, but I still feel terrible. Not as tired, but many other symptoms, dizzy, short of breath, heart palpatations. She insists the low ferritin and low iron levels won't cause this and she's sent me for every other test under the sun, but none of the other doctors can find anything serious. So I'm stuck with just trying to raise my ferritin levels. That's why this is so frustrating. By the way, aren't you still anemic if your ferretin is at 5? Doesn't it have to be in the normal range, 10-291 to not be considered anemic, along with your hemaglobin?
Re: Low Ferritin
Mar 17, 2007
I've had a low ferritin level for 3 years and it has gone from 6 to 9 and back to 8. The iron tablets make me feel absolutely terrible and I was wondering about asking for an iron infusion. Has anyone had one? How long does it take to raise the level and are there any side effects?

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