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Re: Low Ferritin
Mar 12, 2007
My last ferritin was a 6 and my dr recommended that I take an iron supplement. I have never been able to tolerate an iron supplement except for Repliva which is not covered by Kaiser. My dr hadn't even heard of it. Has anyone had success with a good iron supplement? My TIBC was high, but I'd have to look up the number. My Hgb was 11.5. I go in tomorrow for my extreme fatigue and I hope that he'll run this test again. The last one was October. What I don't understand is that he also ran a bunch of calcium, sodium, glucose, TSH, T4 lab tests and none of them were for anemia? So, I guess I'll learn more tomorrow about what he thinks? Just bouncing off some thoughts. This is the first time that I've looked up low ferritin on the web and didn't realize that quite a few people deal with it. It was a few years ago that my ferritin was 7 and my dr didn't even care. It just proved to him why I was craving dirt!
Re: Low Ferritin
Apr 27, 2007
So, my doctor put me on an antidepressant for my fatigue LOL, I'm so not depressed. I got diagnosed with ADHD this past week and started Strattera. It's okay. The side effects suck a little bit for now. I stopped the Wellbutrin, all it offered was anxiety, insomnia and it didn't improve anything. The psych MD said I'm not depressed, big surprise. He also said that the ADHD was NOT responsible for my severe fatigue. I brought up my low ferritin and he looked it up, it was a 6. He typed ferritin into a MD database and it came up with an article re: ADHD and low ferritin in children.

WOW, could low ferritin be responsible for ALL that I feel is wrong with me? If that is the answer, hallelujah!

I went online and ordered Ferritin (bioavailable iron). Go to a search engine and search: "ferritin (bioavailable iron) the way up" It's a start! I just want to feel better. It has a list of what ferritin deficiency can cause. I can almost wipe out the list.

So, I also emailed my MD and had him order a standing order for iron and ferritin levels and told him that I'd be starting this supplement. Check it out! I will try to remember to keep you posted if it works at all!!

I wish you all success in this journey to health!
Re: Low Ferritin
May 29, 2007
So, I have Vitamin D deficiency too. No surprise. But it surprised my MD. So, I'm supposed to start taking 800mg of Vit D a day.

I went online and found a ferritin supplement that hasn't been upsetting my stomach. It did when I took three at a time during the first 2 days on it, but since then, I've been taking up to 2 - 3 times a day and I feel okay, GI wise. I haven't had my level rechecked yet, but I'm excited to see what they could change to. I searched "ferritin, the way up" on a web browser, and it took me to a brand called cardiovascular research with a lot of info of what a ferritin iron deficiency could cause symptom wise. Check it out, it's at the very least, very interesting. Good luck!!

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