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I had low iron years ago and recieced iv iron. I had a bad reaction. I now again have hemaglobin of 8 and ferritin of 3. would like to know of other options. Dr. said I would probaly have another reaction to iv iron. Not wanting to do that again.
how long is it since you last had iv iron? The stuff they use these days doesnt seem to cause many problems (ie venofer, cosmofer).
I had bad reactions to oral iron, so i have the infusions now without any major problems.
your doc should be able to inform you of any alternatives.
thanks for your reply. i want to get better quickly. i didn't know if oral iron would do it or not . i was afraid to have another reaction. it was 7 years ago. i couldn't breathe. they gave me epi and iv benadryl. family dr. said chances are good for another reaction. i'd like to see a specialist. last time they said i had imature blood cells. was from low iron or did it cause low iron???/
You really should get referred to a heamatologist. They will advise you on the best course of treatment. Iron pills dont work overnight, it can take a few months to get your levels back up, whereas the iv iron gets to work straight away. My ferritin was at 2 before my last infusion, two weeks after it was up to 65 (but my body just doesnt hold on to it), so the infusions (as i cant take iron pills) are my only option.
You can help yourself though by eating plenty of iron rich food and plenty of vitamin c, there is a product called spatone (a water you mix with orange/fruit juice) which is really good.


thank you for your reply. the hematologist office called me back today. she told me they do have new stuff just like you said and made an appoint for me. she said it takes more treatments but it is safer than the iron i took before. how long did it take for you to feel better after you got your treatments?

the iron infusions work fairly quickly dependant on how low your iron is. I have the infusions once a week for about 4/6 weeks, and usually start feeling better after the 2nd or 3rd week (although everyone is different - some people ive spoke to whilst having my treatments say they feel better within days - everyone is different.

have they said what you'll be getting? i normally have venofer, which i thought was okay, but the last one i had was called cosmofer, which was a one day treatment thats meant to last longer than the venofer (they decided to switch as i was needing the venofer quite often). although my anemia is caused by endometriosis, so its like a vicious circle with me, my levels go up and down like a lift!

if you need anymore info/advice or a chat post back.
Good luck

Did you get infusions to raise your hemoglobin levels or just ferritin levels? My neice had two infusions several years ago (at 18) and she was okay afterward, but she had a hemaglobin of 5 and no iron in her bone marrow. My hemaglobin is okay at 14, but my ferritin is 23 and I can't seem to raise it with just the supplements and diet. Did it raise your saturation level also? I'm supposed to see my doctor in two days to see what my levels are, and I'm not sure what the next course of treatment should be. I just want to feel better, but the doctor may just recommend sticking with iron supplements, which don't seem to be making much difference.

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