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I agree with several people on this board. You may never find the exact cause of your anemia, its really frustrating. But as long as you find a treatment that makes you feel better and you're able to function from day to day, that's what is important. I also have a question for Pbread. When your doctor first diagnosed you with anemia with the low ferritin and hgb, did you see a specialist or a gp? Did your doctor suggest that you try any kind of iron supplements first to treat your symptoms and make you feel better, or did he suggest iv iron right away? My ferritin was 4 back in July of 06 and I had the same symptoms, dizziness, major fatigue, sore joints, etc. I don't know what my hgb was back then. After 9 months of supplements I don't feel any better. Also could you let us know what your ferritin level is after your 4/13 appointment? Glad to hear you're feeling better and your hgb is rising, that is important.
Wow, 6.1 is so low I'm surprised your doc didn't send you to the hospital for a blood transfusion!! The lowest mine has ever been was 7.4 and my doctor was debating on a blood transfusion but I had the IV iron instead. I remember how awful I felt at that level.... I can't even imagine how you're able to function at your levels! If your doc doesn't set you up with something soon (transfusion or infusion) I'd get another opinion because your levels are really low!

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