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[QUOTE=Shamrock;2836737]I would definitely get a referral to a hematologist and get some IV iron if your ferritin is too low to measure. I receive IV iron weekly and have been since September because of a very low hemoglobin and ferritin that was 2. For some reason I don't absorb the oral iron well enough to keep the iron stores in my bone marrow at a normal level. The IV iron is absorbed much more quickly than the oral and that will help you to feel better. My hematologist told me it takes awhile when the ferritin and saturation were as low as mine were. I get IV Venofer and I haven't had any bad reactions to it at all. It goes in over about 20 minutes to a half hour. See a hematologist to see what he/she can do for you.[/QUOTE]

To Shamrock, I was wondering about your iron transfusions, I was told yesterday I needed Iron my ferritin is also too low to measure they say zero can't find it. I had low iron about 6 months ago and passed out, they said iron too low and gave me blood transfussions at the time I did not want them I heard could be dangerous. Now after 6 months my blood is even worse. So this time they said iron. Now, that I have read this site I guess it looks like the type of iron you get makes a difference Venofer seems to be the newest one. I am like allergic to everything so my concern is a reaction to this iron. I was wondering if you could share more information. I also live in Mass, outside of Boston. You say it takes half hour I read someplace else it take 3 hours. When I had blood it took 3 hours, so I was wondering about that.
I am so nervous I am almost thinking I'll just wait till I passout out, but my problem is they say my iron is so low my pulse rate runs 110-135 and at times goes as high as 170 which I risk heart attack or taccacardia they tell me. Other than this problem at 52 I never really had blood problems. I have tried to find another way to get iron into me there really is not good oral out there. And I also eat red meat everyday and beans and fortified cereals and I guess that has not worked. When I passed out 6 months ago, they did the usual, endo and colonocopsy and all the tests to say I was losing blood someplace but found nothing. I am allergic to latex and seafood and iodine and that is always a problem because if I buy vitamins with iron they have iodine. Thanks

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