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TREE1A, I receive the IV iron once a week at an outpatient hematology/oncology clinic. I get IV Venofer which is only a small bag that goes in over 20 min-half hour. They are giving me the Venofer because,like you,I am allergic to everything under the sun including shellfish and iodine dye. Apparently the other types of IV iron go in over a longer period of time(2-3 hrs.) and have many more side effects. People that receive that type of iron also are premedicated with Benadryl to lessen the chances of allergic reactions. My hematologist feels that my anemia is due to my bone marrow not adequately absorbing the iron. I have to take medication for lupus and he feels that some of them block the iron absorption so the pills aren't enough. IV iron is also absorbed much more quickly by the bone marrow. I ahve been getting it since Sept. and my Hct. and Hgb. have gone up but my iron saturation and ferritin levels are still way too low. He told me last week that it takes a long time to rebuild the stores in the bone marrow. He said that I was probably anemic for a few years without knowing it and that I wasn't aware until I had bad symptoms of fatigue,dizziness,etc. Don't be afraid of the IV iron. It really helps you feel alot better and other than a little achiness the day after I have no side effects from it. Hope this info helps!

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