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In Dec. 2005 I was hospitalized for 3 days for high platelets. While in there I saw a hemotologist that recommended IV iron, which I had. I have not had an infusion since.
I always have taken iron pills, because I have celiac disease and they think that causes me not to absorb iron.
Since that IV infusion 15 months ago, I have not taken any iron pills and no one mentions another infusion. Can it last that long? My Hemo says that I don't need iron pills anymore.
My Hemo recently dismissed me and my last blood test was Oct. I see his nurse in May and have lab work then.
I am SO TIRED! It seems that they should be checking my bloodwork more often.
Last week I had an appointment with my Gastro Dr. I am having the capsule endoscopy on March 15. Thank goodness he ordered blood tests when I mentioned my fatigue. I just went on Thursday, so I haven't heard any results yet.
My Hemo has had me getting monthly B-12 injections, which I feel no better at all after getting my shot. I'm not scheduled to get one in April, which I have no clue why.
For 15 years I have been anemic from my Celiac. Just wondering why I don't have to take iron pills anymore. Again, can this iron infusion from 15 months ago be that great? A girl I work with has to get the infusion every year.

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