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Iron Supplements
Mar 9, 2007
I have a question about iron supplements. I was researching low ferritin on the internet, and found some confusing information. One site said to stay away from ferrous sulfate because it is dangerous, take other forms of iron instead. However, a few people claim to have raised their ferritin levels to over 90 by taking ferrous sulfate three times a day with Vitamin C I couldn’t stick with ferrous sulfate because side effects were too much, it just tore my stomach up and burned up my esophagus. Also, it takes months or years to raise your iron levels with supplements but you’re not supposed to stay on oral iron for long periods of time, so this is confusing. Also, ferritin level information is confusing. Some doctors say the lower acceptable levels, 10-15 are far too low, the low end should start at around 50? In Canada the range is 40-300, but here in the United States, at some labs it is 10-290. Some doctors recommend treating anything under 50 but some say anything over 10 is okay. Most do agree on one thing, that ferritin levels should be raised to 70-90 for normal hair growth, if you are losing your hair, as well as feeling better. Also trying to get sufficient iron from vegetables doesn’t help much, that’s been my experience. Eating meat like liver works for some people, though not for me. I’ve been looking for answers elsewhere because my last specialist wasn’t a lot of help. She just says keep taking iron, not how much or for how long, even though I felt like I was going to collapse in her office the last time I saw her. All the other tests she sent me for were normal except for the low iron. Some people on this board are really lucky, they’ve found doctors who actually pay attention to how they feel as well as the lab work. Just because the lab work says ‘normal’ doesn’t mean you feel that way.

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