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I have started taking iron supplements after being diagnosed with anaemia (ferrous sulphate 300mg), and find that they give me nausea and vomiting. Does anyone have any tips or what types may be easier to tolerate?
If i took a smaller dose several times a day, would that make a difference?

Any advice?
I am very new to iron supplements also, but I was told to take it on a full stomach, take it with vitamim C and drinks lots of water. I break mine up during the day. I take it with breakfast and then dinner. I have had some stomach trouble but nothing really bad. I hope this helps. Good luck

You may have to try a few different supplements to find one that works for you.

I had a terrible time with three different supplements (in tablet form). Gave me a horrible, burning stomach SOOOO bad.

I finally had to try Spatone Liquid Iron and that seems fine for me but is probably not going to raise my iron levels as quickly as a higher dose of iron. But, hey, I couldn't live with my stomach feeling like that.
They work best on an empty stomach but until you can tolerate take with meals and try splitting up the dosage.
I used to work in a dialysis center and many patients needed oral or IV iron. Ferrous sulphate is one of the older iron supplements and can be very hard on the GI.

I am surprised your Dr. hasn't switched you to one of the newer ones such as Chromagen or Nu iron ,that are not supposed to be as hard on the GI. There are several on the market (ferrous gluconate, ferrous succinate).
I would ask if you can try somethingelse.
I have had the same issues with oral iron - the last one I tried was Repliva and wasn't bad (tolerable for the most part - mild stomach burning but no nausea / vomitting with it). I still had issues absorbing it, however so I will now be doing the IV Iron. The only note is that it appears that Repliva is not covered by all insurance companies for some reason so you might just want to check on it.
I agree about the Chromagen. It is a really well tolerated oral iron. I recommend that you take it with dinner and a fell stomach. That way you will sleep off the sick feeling in your stomach. Ferrasol is also a really well tolerated iron. Your local healthfood store will probably carry Iron Glycinate, you might want to try that, too. Good luck.
You should start off slowly by taking a small dosage and then up the dosage each week so that your system gets used to it slowly. If it's still making you sick after doing this then perhaps your doctor or chemist could change you to a different brand.

My specialist has me on a powdered supplement and he had me taking it once per day, then twice per day and then wanted me taking it three times per day but it was giving me irritable bowel type symptoms. Now he has changed it to two times per day and in addition i am to take organic iron tablets twice per day. I can't recall the difference between organic and nonorganic iron tablets. I should ask him again what the difference is.
I'm wondering if this might be my problem? May 19th, my dr started me on Ferrous Sulfate, 324mg, 2x/day. She said this was the dose I needed to get me up to "11". I've had some stomach pains off and on, but wow- I've already got stomach issues and need a scope, but this pain is ridiculous! I'm waking up in the middle of the night in agony. :( My entire stomach area hurts badly. The other night I thought I was going to pass out.
Maybe you can try ferrous gluconate, it's suppose to be easier on the stomach. I didn't try sulfate because I heard that it could cause stomach issues. You may be constipated? I ended up in ER with constipation-I didn't even know. I seemed regular to me, but the X-Ray showed different. HTH
I took Slo-Fe when I was anemic. It's available over the counter. It's slow release and it didn't bother my stomach and I was taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night.



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