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Re: Test Results
Mar 16, 2007
[QUOTE=fjones1;2859480]Can someone tell me what LY stands for on blood test results. On my last set of results taken 3/12/07 it says the normal range for LY is 20.5 - 51.1. I don't have the results for ferritin or iron saturation, but some of the other's were:

RBC - 4.24 (4.00-6.00)
HGB - 12.4 (11.0 - 18.0)
HCT - 37.3 (35.0 - 60.0)
MCHC - 33.3 (33.0 - 37.0)
MPV - 6.1 (7.8-11.0)

Those numbers are all within the normal ranges it appears, that's why the doctor says I'm not anemic. I'm mostly concerned about the hemaglobin. My last doctor was telling me it was 14 back in January, now when I called her to find out why I was feeling so tired she is saying it was really 12.4 back then. That's a big difference for that particular number.[/QUOTE]

What was yout number for LY? My lymphocytes count was 22.6 with an L by it for low. I had a CBC with total iron tests, but I don't see ferrition on my lab sheet. Why are you getting the IV iron? What results is your Dr. using? Thanks!

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