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I've been anemic off and on for a few years now. My Dr. sent me to a Hematologist to investigate further. Well, he ran some tests and found that I didn't have many immature red blood cells so he wanted to do a bone marrow biopsy to make sure it wasn't something serious. I got the results yesterday and luckily everything was normal except there was NO iron in my bone marrow. He said this test is more sensitive than the blood test. My last blood test had shown my ferritin at 20. Has anyone had this experience? He wants me to start on supplemental iron which I have never managed to stick with for more than a week because it makes me feel crappy. He said if I still have a hard time tolerating it we could do IV iron.

I have been feeling really tired, short of breath, fatigued and muscle aches. I get differing opinions as to whether or not the anemia is causing this. My hemoglobin is 11 so not terribly low, me hemotocrit was low but I cannot remember the number.

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