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I have recently been treated for hypothyroidism after years of symptoms doctors missed, including extreme fatigue. After thyroid hormone treatment, much of my anxiety dissipated, but the fatigue remains. So, I revisited my medical records and saw that a recent [B]FERRITIN value was 18[/B], and [B]SERUM B12 was 267[/B]. My grandmother, father and sister both have been diagnosed as b12 deficient, but my level is apparently not low enough. I asked my Dr. about the b12 and esp the ferritin and was told specifically NOT to supplement with iron.

I have read some medical literature on b12 and ferritin, but am somewhat confused because of the differing opinions on minimum values. I understand that from a strictly clinical standpoint, my levels are not considered anemic, however, I am looking to find what ferritin and b12 levels have been found to be optimum from people who have actually experienced anemia and recovered from it or low ferrtin, B12.

I have read that I should aim for 30-50 ferritin, and over 400 b12, but since there is no consensus, I am seeking opinions here.

Any suggestions welcome!

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