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Ooops forgot to answer you thyroid optimum question. I have learned that good clinicians aim for a TSH around 1. It all depends, however, on the free t4 and t3 levels if they are in the just a bit above mid normal range. Of course, all that is really important is how you feel, even if the labs differ....

Right now, I have a TSH of .48 (.27-4.2)
Free T4 of 1.42 (.8-1.70)
Free T3 of 2.84 (1.80-4.20)

My free t4 is optimum (or maybe a bit high even), but my free t3 is not optimum. And, I still feel poorly. I would like to see how I feel with a higher FT3. I am currently at 88mcg. I tried 100, but felt bad in a different way, probably too much T4.

There are a few reasons for the lower t3: iron deficiency, the lexapro I still take, or just a mystery reason I have not figured out yet. I may ask for a t3 supplement to augment my treatment when I do next to the dr. For the moment, I am working on getting the ferritin up and cutting back on the lexapro. I read that SSRIs can decrease T3. [Long story - got put on psych meds for depression and anxiety before the hypo was discovered]

I am also working on the fatigue...iron, and of course, b12. I tried supplementing with b12, but think shots would have more success. So, I am trying to find a dr who is sympathetic to a trial of IM shots.

OK hope that covers it for the moment. :wave:
Hi. Thanks for all the information. My last ferritin was 11 according to the last hematologist I saw. He never did show me any lab results on paper. This was before April 9, when I had the 2 hr. infusion of Infed. This doctor never did a ferritin test since, or any other iron levels. I felt okay for a couple of weeks, then I started going downhill pretty fast. I have been to the ER twice in the past week. I thought the sypmtoms were iron related, extreme dizziness, fatigue, brain fog. But also I've had really bad balance issues for the past few days and almost collapsed completely. Those I think are thyroid related. According to the last blood test I had, CBC, my hemaglobin is down to 11.6, and my RBC is down to 3.86. Those levels shouldn't be causing my discomfort, according to my doctors. But they did test my thyroid and my TSH was 11.8, which I now know is pretty high. My T3 was 8.2 back in January, and T4 was 40 back then, also high. The ER doctor started me off with a prescription of Synthroid, .075 mgs. I hope to get the TSH down to 1, so I could rule the thyroid issue out if I don't feel better at that level. I've read several places where 1.0 is the level people feel better. But I'm still waiting for my ferritin results from my last doctor.

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