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Mooky - If youíre not familiar with Pernicious anemia it is something that gets worse with time and if untreated is life threatening and yes like the previous message can cause permanent nerve damage. B12 is a vitamin important to each and every cell in your body but inflicts the most damage to your nervous system which includes your brain.

I was diagnosed June of 2006 but looking thru my medical history I have suffered ill effects off and on for 20+ years. About 3 years ago I finally reached a point where I am unable to make enough instruct factor to absorb the daily requirement of B12 so then my system started using up the storage in my liver. This process from what I have read can take up to 4 years before you start showing the serious symptoms of the disease.

PA gets worse in time - some people can take supplements in the beginning but are watched because there will come a point where that wonít work and then injections are the only saving grace.

I suffered from extreme fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, ringing in the ears, bright spots in my vision, vision disturbances, muscle spasms, muscle contractions, joint pain, electric shock sensations, uncontrolled muscle movements, numbness, loss of reflexes, complete loss of feeling over several areas of my body, difficulty concentrating, bowel problems, motion sickness, paranoia, loss of sex drive, nausea, shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, very cold sensations that started with hands and feet then continued to whole side of body, noise sensitivity, sleeping issues and many more. I got so bad I couldn't even drive let alone ride in a car, I was unable to go anywhere by myself since my system would just start shutting down in a very short time frame and I wasn't able to take care of myself.

I am 9 months into replacement therapy (B12 injections every 2 weeks) and although life is much better I still have some difficulty and fatigue is still my nemesis. At least I am not sleeping some 12-16 hours a day but still find it hard to get thru a full day I look forward to the weekend for down time.

During the 5 months it took to find the problem I had 8 specialist and around 30,000 in medical bills. Several of the doctors including a neurologist gave me lots of conflicting signals about how important B12 is. Lucky for me the ones who listened, cared and that I trusted the most were the doctors who pointed me in the right direction. Of course a little divine intervention also helped along with lots of prayers and support from friends and family. Itís a strange condition because generally you look healthy but your insides tell a much stranger story.

I found - and still do - great comfort in this web site because finally I wasn't alone. There are lots of great helpful, gracious, kind and wonderful people who understand exactly what each of us is suffering thru and offer great support and words of encouragement.

Sorry for the length. Wishing you good health in the very near future.:wave:

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