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Thank you to both of you for replying.

I am sure that the 2nd Doctor has a suspicion that the 1st dr's diagnosis was not correct. The first time I talked to him about the folic acid, he said "there is B12 that goes along with that". After that, when my level was 399, then 273 7 weeks later, he said that they would not treat a level like that. I think the levels in the UK are 130 to 700 or something! Just how bad do you have to be before they will do something about it?? The trouble is in the UK, they do not want to treat you for B12 unless you are really deficient. I am waiting for an appointment to see someone at the hospital, so hopefully they will sort this out.

The things that really bother me are, the pins and needles/numbness, which is mostly in fingers, toes, sides of feet. Did any of you have a tingling tongue?? I have also noticed that if I do a lot of housework, or something similar, I do seem to pay for it the next day or so. Do you both think that my level of 273 is low?? What level should I be aiming for??

Thanks Mooky

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