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I have a different form of anemia, hemolytic anemia, but it affects my B12 levels. I need shots to get my levels up. Your numbers are concerning, especially since you have numbness.

You should be getting the B12 shots until your numbers come up, no matter what! You'll probably need a lot of tests to diagnose your condition, but in the meantime, you shouldn't suffer. Ask for the shots - they aren't overly expensive and they will make you feel better. Low B12 levels can cause nerve damage, so it's something to take seriously.

Also, folic acid can affect your B12 levels, I believe artificially inflate them> I could be wrong, but definitely do not let this go for long.

You can get sublingual B12 tablets at the vitamin store that should absorb into your system while you're waiting for your dr to do tests. These absorb into your bloodstream even if your stomach doesn't take in the vitamins. It isn't a solution, but it may help as a stop gap measure.

I sympathize with you!

Take care,

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