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Hope this makes it to you before you have to go through the process of receiving a blood transfusion. I've had anemia for as long as I can remember, they put me on an iron supliment 3 years ago and within 4 months, my levels all raised enough that they took me off of the pills. I never thought anything of it and I've been going downhill since. My body became so adjusted to always having a low blood count that I wasn't thinking twice. In January of this year, i was sick for 4 months and I had enough.

the hospital thought I was joking around and faking it, they told me to write what was wrong and I wrote "Anemia attack" after blood tests, they determined that my hemoglobin was at a 6 and without a blood transfusion I'd die. Its scary, because at that point they couldn't have someone from my family give me the blood, they said they didn't have time and I had to get this procedure done. I cried, and I cried. Signing your name to 2 pieces of papers saying you know that you can get Aids or HIV is scary.

I had to have 3 pints(bags) over a 13 hour period because they have to do 30 mins to and hour in between with the solution and it takes FOREVER for the transfusion to be over with. and it just is disgusting watching this other persons blood you dont know dripping into your body. but i now thank them for saving my life and allowing me to have the time now to figure out why i'm losing blood and where.

Make sure they follow up with a blood test to determine though that it has raised your levels. afterwards y ou feel like a whole new person, i couldnt sleep for 2 days becasue i was not used to have a "normal" count. a month later, my counts were still low and they looked at me like i was strange, now i'm taking birth control, repliva*iron* and trying to see if that will raise me to a stable level within 3 months.

good luck. it's scary, but you will feel a lot better.

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