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I was kind of in your position also, good iron level but low iron stores (ferritin) mine was 12 and the range was 22-222 or something like that!

It has taken me around 8 months to build this up to 59. I personally did not feel better that quickly - however I still do not know if the symptoms I had were down to the low iron. I also have an under-active thyroid so not sure what was to blame.

My doctor also told me my symptoms were down to anxiety and stress. I was feeling stressed but only from feeling ill and being concerned!

I too felt dizzy, faint and tired. I also experienced loads of other strange things such as tingling and numbness. I feel a lot better now my level is higher but do not feel 100%

I think you should ask for the figures and keep a note each time they test you .

Hope you feel better soon! :wave:[/COLOR]
[QUOTE=hope555;2896600] My bloodwork shows I have excellent hemoglobin Would low iron stores cause any symptoms? My doctor doesn't think so at all. He said my symptoms are due to stress and anxiety, and said to give it one more month to see if it continues. Anyway, he still put me on iron pills once a day for a month, just to build up my iron stores. I feel slightly better and its only been 1 all my symptoms in my head? Thanks for any replies.

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]My Hemoglobin has always "looked" normal at 12. My iron stores were low. Causing the same symptoms that you describe. I suffered for a year. You [B]NEED[/B] to see a specialist (Hematologist). Most Regular doctors don't understand the complexity of anemia. One doctor also told me I must be depressed, because I was sleeping so much.
Oral iron may not bring your numbers up enough. I get iron infusions when my ferritin drops (iron stores) below 50-even if hemoglobin is normal. Please see someone who knows how to treat you. There is no need to suffer and be treated that way. It is [B] not [/B]in your head.[/FONT]

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