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I was kind of in your position also, good iron level but low iron stores (ferritin) mine was 12 and the range was 22-222 or something like that!

It has taken me around 8 months to build this up to 59. I personally did not feel better that quickly - however I still do not know if the symptoms I had were down to the low iron. I also have an under-active thyroid so not sure what was to blame.

My doctor also told me my symptoms were down to anxiety and stress. I was feeling stressed but only from feeling ill and being concerned!

I too felt dizzy, faint and tired. I also experienced loads of other strange things such as tingling and numbness. I feel a lot better now my level is higher but do not feel 100%

I think you should ask for the figures and keep a note each time they test you .

Hope you feel better soon! :wave:[/COLOR]
[QUOTE=Ritah;2922773][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]My Hemoglobin has always "looked" normal at 12. My iron stores were low. Causing the same symptoms that you describe. I suffered for a year. You [B]NEED[/B] to see a specialist (Hematologist). Most Regular doctors don't understand the complexity of anemia. One doctor also told me I must be depressed, because I was sleeping so much.
Oral iron may not bring your numbers up enough. I get iron infusions when my ferritin drops (iron stores) below 50-even if hemoglobin is normal. Please see someone who knows how to treat you. There is no need to suffer and be treated that way. It is [B] not [/B]in your head.[/FONT][/QUOTE]

Hi Ritah:

I am curious about your situation. I have low ferritin but "normal" hemoglobin. I am also hypothyroid. I paid a lot to go to a hematolgist, but was told that my 18 ferritin was fine (low value 12 on test) and that in fact, I should NOT supplement with iron. Since I am not [I]clinically[/I] anemic, they were not concerned and also suggested that the fatigue was somehow imaginary! Even though I explained that sometimes my heart is pounding and I tremble in exhaustion and must lay down.

Anyway, I have been taking iron supplementation on my own and am now at 20 ferritin after a month. I wonder what your dr said about the benchmark of 50. I would like to have a optimum level in mind to reach through supplementation and have some info to tell me dr as to why I am supplementing to achieve a higher ferritin level. :)

I am so fatigued even with thyroid hormone treatment. I wondered what your dr said about

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