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I was just wondering if for those of you that have been diagnosed with anemia, whether it is for low Hg count or low ferritin (like in my case) or something else, have any of you dealt with depression, anxiety, or just high emotions?

Before I was actually diagnosed with anemia I was extremely emotional and anxious because my doctors didn't know what was wrong with me and I think I was very scared. Once I was finally diagnosed and started on a treatment I started to feel better because I felt like I was going to finally be healthy once again. But, that only lasted a few weeks.

I still to this day deal with the emotions (just waking up one day, feeling like crap and crying) as well as anxiety. I'm wondering if that is because of the stress of not feeling well or if it's deeper than that and we feel this way because it's so hard to get through our daily tasks that we used to do with no problem. I was the girl that was in school full-time, worked 25 hours per week, ran several miles everyday.... and now I'm lucky if I can make it through class each week. I still force myself to workout everyday, sometimes harder than others, which is probably not a great thing to do but I feel like if I don't then I'm some how letting the disorder win.

Just wondered what all of your thoughts are on this? Maybe I'm the only one that deals with this, but after awhile I think the weakness and exhaustion takes a toll on us all. Let me know what you think. :)

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