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Your story is so similar to mine, that I just HAD to reply. I too was just like you...people never understood how I had sooo much energy. I was in school the whole day, and then had 10hrs of dance/theatre rehearsals each week, and still had time to come home at night and do homework.. and have MORE energy (i.e.: not feel worn out). Now, people always know me as the tired one...who's always feeling sick and down. I too just have low ferritin (but high hemoglobin) kinda like you. At first when I had to quit stage performance, and started getting tired to the point that I right now am being able to go to all my uni classses, I just thought it was stress (because it was so gradual, I never really paid attention to it). Just recently, I found out about my ferritin levels (because I couldn't take the symptoms anymore). I think the slowly decreasing ferritin may be to blame...I hope atleast...otherwise I don't know how someone with such amazing health as mine, just becomes barely able to get through a normal day? The doctors keep telling me that marginally low ferritin can't be causing my symptoms, because my Hg is really good. I feel like they don't really take me seriously, and don't understand that I really DO get symptoms, and its not all in my head. All my other bloodwork came back VERY it HAS to be the low ferritin I think. I am on 300mg ferrous fumarate once a day. Its been one week now, and feeling only SLIGHTLY better. It sucks because I'm rite now in my final yr of uni, and have sooo mcuh stuff to finish, like a thesis, but have to probably get a deadline extension for that because of my health.

I also have been getting anxiety and depression like you. I think its a combination of being anxious about your health, and stress of all compounds together. For me, when I feel lightheaded and dizzy...its the WORST WORST feeling in the world...and I start to freak out about it. So for example, I might be a little dizzy and faint...then, having anxiety, I overinterpret these sensations, which make me even more dizzy and faint, and more and more anxious. I always feel "what if my faint feeling gets sooo bad, that I pass out?". I doubt low ferritin directly causes anxiety (not sure tho). I think its the health effects of low ferritin, that makes you anxious and depressed, because now we can't live our lives to the fullest, and feel trapped by the disorder.

I used to love working out, but have changed my priorities a little recently. I mostly focus on trying to get through my final uni year, and then I'm going to start exercise etc. I think the key is not to be too harsh on yourself. Its not your fault you feel this way. Try to relax, nourish yourself with proper food and sleep, and soon enough, you should recover. Stay positive, and don't let the little things completely overwhelm you, because I know I do that (part of having anxiety I guess). Everything will work out at the end. I hope I've been of a little bit of help. Good luck with everything, and feel free to message me anytime.

Sincerely, Hope
I just posted something sort of similar. I am beginning to wonder if my low iron levels 15 years ago (and not being treated or taken seriously) were what caused phobias. Feeling weak and dizzy while standing in lines (at the grocery store for example) developed into a claustrophobia.

I recently gave this anxiety issue some serious thought and come up with my problem in a nutshell: I am afraid of not feeling well (dizzy, weak) and not being able to get home and/or faint. I now feel very phobic about being too far from home because that horrible weak/faint/dizziness was so disturbing.

I only learned about my low ferritin levels recently, but I know for a fact that feeling so weak has increased my anxiety, whether it was a biochemical result or a psychological one, or both.

Changing my diet has helped immensely, (enough protein each day, complex carbs, no sugar at all) and I'm hopeful that getting my iron levels up will really relieve my "mental" worries.

If I can go out without feeling the [I]symptoms of anemia[/I] I wouldn't panic!!!

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