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Hi Becky,

I also have Thalassemia, make sure you know which type you have, if you are a carrier then you have to be careful if you plan on having children, if your partner is also a carrier your child is at risk for having Hemoglobin H disease. Get a copy of the lab resluts they took so you know specifically which type you have.

Your feritin is on the low side, 10-154 is the range, your hemoglobin is low, 11.7-5.5 is the range. If you cant tolerate or absorb iron speak to your hematologist about getting it in another way besides pills.

The tingling tongue and lip could be side affects low vitamin D and Calcium, (which is also a problem I am working on). If you havent already done so get copies of all the lab work they took from you two weeks ago. A complete lab work up will show all of your vitamins levels, (A, D, B, ZINC etc) and your calcium levels too. This can be contributing to your fatigue, and low calcium/vitamin levels can be just as dangerous as low iron.

It is possible to feel better once your levels are up, get on your doctors and make them work and if they arent competent, find another.

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