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Hi. It went well yesterday. I do have a question, though - are they going to have to stick me every time? I thought the doctor said he could put something in and leave it. I have two infusions this week, three next week and three more the following week. They had to stick me twice yesterday because my veins are awful. What do other doctors do?

I didn't get sick except for some joint pain, but pain is what led them to the blood issue anyways (from an abdominal mass that they can't remove until my blood is "fixed").

They gave me two tylenol, a bag of benadryl, a bag of steriods then a bigger bag of the iron (InFed). They said it will be the same procedure each time.

I was anxious about the side effects, but the nurse told me they haven't had any serious reactions (knock on wood). She also advised me that if you have allergic reactions, it usually happens the first or second infusion - does this match up to the information you have heard?

Have you lived in Groton your entire life? My husband has three brothers and they all grew up in NL/Groton... (range in age from 42 down to him, the baby, at 33).

Thank you so much for your answers.

P.S. How was the blood tranfusion? If after my 8 infusions, the blood levels are not good - we have to go that route so they can do surgery to remove the mass.

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