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In october of this past year my health started to go downhill for the first time in 3 years, and by my fear of doctors and not having health insurance I avoided ever being looked at. By January it was to much to handle and I finally had full health insurance so after work one day I came home and told my mom I wanted to go to the ER. I'm always a happy go lucky person, always full of energy and wanting to run around but in a short time period I was tired, dizzy, heart racing from walking 10 ft, confused and emotional beyond belief. At the time I didn't know these were symptoms for anemia, I was told 3 years prior that my anemia was kinda gone. The ER dr that I had thought I was joking around when I said my anemia is acting up, but after listening to me he allowed them to run blood work where he came back to tell me the horrible news. "You HG count is down to a 6, and the only way to save your life is for me to give you a blood transfusion. didn't you feel any signs that something was wrong." I tried for 3 hours through other testing to get out of having to get a blood transfusion but ended up having it.

I felt like a whole new person afterwards I was up for 2 days straight because I had so much energy that I had lost. I had to follow up with a OBGYN and they placed me on birth control, and said they'd try that for a month to see if it was period related, 6 weeks later I had more blood work done, and all she said was that my levels were up but still low and she wanted to try Repliva and wait 3 months.

this was in february, and now its april and i'm crawling out of my skin. I just want to sleep anymore, all i want to do is cry, i'm constantly in panic mode, my heart will race just walking a few feet and standing still, the simple tasks that i did on a constant basis at work I forget how to do. I count money EVERY DAY of my life and I cant even do that because I forget. and while just driving to and from work I feel myself losing concentration and seeing color but not seeing anything as to where i'm going or who is in front of me, its all just a blur. Just tonight I was putting soap on my hand to wash them and then found myself asking someone next to me why the water wouldnt turn on and it was because i was holding my hands under the soap dispenser on the other sink!!! And i find myself irritated beyond belief, and I find my abdomin is in constant pain, and I can go with only eating 1 meal a day now where I was snacking non stop after my transfusion.

The doctor told me to call if i was having any complications with the Iron pills and I called 2 days ago, only to have a nurse tell me that I need to continue my pills for 6 more weeks and follow up my appointment and be sent for more lab work. I dont think she understands what this is like. I just wanted to climb through the phon and strangle her.

Is it rude to ask for a copy of all my lab work up to this point and be refered to a hemotologist like I should have been all along because I feel like I'm getting no where with the dr that is claiming to be handling my problems. I feel like there is more going on with my anemia then them saying its "period" related and anxiety is kicking in that I'm going to end up blacking out and dying before anyone helps.

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