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Yes, terrible joint pain! I too, saw a rheumatologist who found nothing, no thyroid problems, nothing. I did have a high CRP tests which might suggest RA, but nothing so extreme that they dxed me. All I have right now is hemolytic anemia and low ferritin = 9. Very high platelets, but that is partly due to me having no spleen.

My joint pain does respond to Pred, usually, although right now, the burning pain in my hip is not going away, despite 40mg of PRed. I'm starting to worry.

My hematologist thinks its an inflammation response to my body with the AIHA - she thinks its all related. She thinks I'm in some kind of flare. I agree with her, but I do worry about taking so much Pred, because of the bone problems it can cause.

Without the Pred, right now, I'd probably be crying. I know the pain is there for me when I taper off - I'm not looking forward to it.

I know when my B12 levels get low, the pain does seem to be worse.

Take care,

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