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Hi Mike,

We're buddies in this. ;-) My last dr visit was the beginning of April and when I asked him about the discrepancy, he didn't say too much-just..."stop taking the iron supplements". He was a general surgeon and I think probably, mostly focuses on colonoscopy/gastroscopy findings. My chiropractor also agreed that I should stop taking the supplements. So, all I do now is take the liquid iron (Floradix 10ml) two times a day with orange juice. I can still feel lightheaded at times and will also feel headaches but not to the degree that they were when I had full-blown anemia. I think I am just playing a waiting game. Six months to build up iron stores... I intend to check my blood every couple of months.
The general surgeon also gave me a blood requisition for thyroid (T3,T4,TSH). I haven't done that yet. I thought I would wait and get it all done in one shot when I check my iron again. :-) Maybe that is something you could look into? The dr said that could make you feel tired and weak as well.

I have a question though. When you got your initial blood tests, did they check your iron levels or just hemoglobin?


Doctor checked lab said had Iron Deficiency Anemia.
I was started on over-the-counter supplement.
Lab still bad started on Iron Sulfate 325mg
Lab still bad upped to Iron Sulfate 325mg twice a day
After repeat lab in May 05 the doctor called and said go checkin hospital.
Got 4 units of whole blood.

Lab done. Nurse called everything was near normal. Contiue the iron.
GI problems upset stomach, diarrahea.
Colon rectal doctor office visit due to GI problems. Said hold Iron he'd talk with my regular doctor. If GI problems didn't start getting better in 2 weeks come back otherwise back to regular doc for repeat Iron lab. Check other forms of iron thearyp if needed.
Regular doctor done lab and nurse called that no longer had Anemia stop all Iron.
GI got better.
Last week had Lab rechecked. Felt tried and lightheaded at times.
I called today since hadn't heard from them. Nurse said I didn't have Iron Level or Ferritin level done. But all my other lab was OK. I explain that yea I was suppose to have them done. She rechecked and said that not all my lab results had been sent back to them.
I just checked our mailbox. Got note from doctor office that I don't understand.
Says Iron level (high) Ferritin level (low) Continue Iron one daily. Recheck in 3 months.
My questions is how or why is my iron level high and ferritin level low.
What type of doctor specializes in Iron Deficiency Anemia?


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