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[QUOTE=barbwest;2921164]Hello All,
I am wondering if you can be both iron deficient and B12 def?
[B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I found this:[/FONT][/B]
B-12 deficiency can cause a type of anemia that is characterized by fewer but larger red blood cells. Other effects include walking and balance disturbances, a loss of vibration sensation, confusion, and, in seriously advanced cases, dementia. Since the body requires B12 to an inadequate supply of B12 can expose nerves to damage.

Symptoms of B-12 deficiency and B-12-related anemia include:

* Feeling tired or weak
* Pale appearance to the lining of lower eyelids
* Palpitations, fast or irregular heart beat.
* Faintness and breathlessness.
* Hair loss
* Bruising that occurs without reason
* Dizziness
* Long or unusually heavy menstrual periods
[B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]If you do a ****** search for "B12 Anemia" I hope this helps. I use sub lingual B12. I also get injections of B12 once a month. I buy the sublingual pills at Trader Joes.[/FONT][/B]

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