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HI Everyone,
I just came from the dr. and he said defineatly he is going to treat both the
b12 and the iron separately. I told him the nurse indicated that I would just need b12 injections, so I wanted to find out for sure. I did get a copy of the labs, and my numbers are extremely low, the infusion is scheduled for Friday (only because that is the soonest I could get scheduled). Here they are for a reference point for some of you:
Iron, Total 9
Total Iron Binding 480
Iron Saturation 2
Ferritin <1
Folate-serum 16.2
Vitamin B12 226
Hcb 8.7

Our lab uses the range of 211-911 as the normal range for the b12. Dr. thinks people need to be up over 400 to feel better, so is willing to work on getting me there.

I am sooo exausted today, even the DR. commented on how pale I was. I feel like finally there may be some light at the end of the dark tunnel. He did stress that this is going to take a long time to correct, making it very clear not to expect immediate results. But as long as I know I am working on getting my life back, I already feel better emotionally.
Thanks again everyone for all of your replies and encouragement, it is so nice to talk to people that understand. Even my family does not get it, I mean to them I "look" ok, so just get up, and get with on with it already. (This comes mostly from the kids) my husband is more understanding, but glad things are going to get better.

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