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I have just had a full blood count done and have ferritin levels of 2.8 and Hb level of 10.3 amongst lots of other symptoms i have felt anxiety as you say feeling like you either are going to explode or give in. Could this be due to being tired we have extreme emotions to keep our selfs going?


I'm new to this forum, but really happy to have found it. I'll give you a little background on me so you know where I'm coming from...

I have been under tremendous stress from July last year till about March this year. I was in another country doing a masters degree, had my parents staying with me for 2 months, supervisor from hell, a personal trauma and then moved back to Canada, did exams, applied to Ph.D's had xmas and then stressed about my applications... (telling you this in case it could be related to anything).

I was fine before I moved back to Canada, though really stressed out. In about February or March, I started not being able to stay awake. I'd sleep from like midnight till 12 or 1 in the afternoon, then have a 2-4 hour nap in the afternoon. I also suddenly became super anxious and have developed flashers and floaters in my eyes.

I was told by a new doctor about 2 weeks ago that my ferritin is 16.5 (40-300 I believe is the norm here) and borderline wiht my B12 and that would cause my exhaustion. I've started taking B12 pretty much every night and ferrous sulfate every few days as I have something wrong with my stomach (I get massive cramping, gas and ummm, rectal bleeding - I see a GI in June) so I need to be careful I don't get too constipated (sorry for the detail).

Sooo, what my question is, is has anyone experienced crazy anxiety as a result of your low ferritin? I have had anxiety disorders in the past, but I have learned how to manage and deal with it very successfully so I don't know what's happening here. Also the nature of my anxiety is different, and quite troubling. I keep fearing that I am going to hurt/kill someone, as well as fearing this fear. I have never even hit someone, and am not a violent person or someone that wishes to cause someone harm. Because of these thought, I've convinced myself that I'm going schizophrenic or psychotic. Now this isn't as strong as it was a few weeks ago, but it does come back some nights and then I obsess about it for a few more.

It would be really helpful to know if I'm the only one with this, like developing sudden anxiety as a result of their low ferritin, or if there could be something else going on with me.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I'm posting here rather than the anxiety forum as I want to know if there are links with ferritin and I think that you guys may know better.[/QUOTE]

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