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I am 33, female have 3 children work full time and have a horse to look after as well
I have recently had a full blood count done during health screening for a new job. Some of my results were haemoglobin 10.3 MCV 72 fl neutrophil 1.9 Ferritin 2.8 i had a letter from my doctor which just said to pick up some ferrous sulphate
When i was pregnant four years ago (thrid baby) i was anaemic of 9.7 i took iron pills then stopped after i had the baby i was not advised to be tested again.

I have been very tired for what seems forever, even after i get up i feel i could go back to bed! afternoons i feel very tired and usually go to bed at 8/9 pm
symptoms have been very brittle nails that break or flake away, very grey hair could that just be age? hair loss especially at the front hairline, mild chest pains which seem to occur more in the afternoon.

Is there anything else i need in the way of treatment? i rang my doctors surgery the receptionist said they were busy and i just needed another blood test in 3 months

any advice, knowledge or others with the same symptoms would be great thanks
If you have the availability of another physician, you should be reevaluated. From reading your post, you appear to be in England or another such country that has the socialized medicine. The financial aspects may be terrible, but your health should be priority.
Yes i am in England do you think i should ask the surgey for futher information?
Any thoughts on my results at all?
Also my mother had an overactive thyroid i hear it is hereditry. Would it be worth having a full test done for my thyroid?
I saw your other post on the thyroid board as well - and they had some sound advice with the tests to have ordered (TSH, Free T3 and Free T4) but they were also correct in that your numbers here are getting pretty low, and since Hypothyroid can also cause you to at times have very heavy periods, and can interfere with different types of normal absorption within the body (this is what was going on with me), you could find that your numbers start to drop rather quick with your ferritin so low.

I had this same type of situation where I was at 9.9 for HGB and a Ferritin of 4, and within [B]2 weeks[/B] dropped to HGB of 7.8 and Ferritin of 2 - which required a blood transfusion. Oral iron can take 6 weeks to really make a difference, and if you have anything impeding the normal processing of that it could be much longer. I would definitely have another conversation with the GP to push the thyroid tests and also to discuss either getting to a Hematologist or the possibility of a course of IV Iron Infusions to avoid the need for a blood transfusion.
Thanks for that
I have just got off the phone to the nurse from my surgery who after i told her my symptoms said she would do a blood test for thyroid and celiac.
Blood loss during my periods are quite heavy but only for 2 days then gone by day 4 so i dont think this is the problem. my diet is fine i eat meat every day fruit and vegetables so prob not due to this.

I think i must have been anaemic for a long time for my ferritin levels to be this low. im not sure that they will offer me a iron infusion just oral ferrus sulphate

Just a thought but Does the epstein barr virus have anything to do with anaemia later in life as i had glandular fever when i was 16?

Have your levels gone up now? do you still have any probs?
It's funny you should mention that, I also had glandular fever when I was 15 or so, and there are some schools of thought out there that is still an as yet unidentified immune system problem that ties things together and I have frequently seen references to anemia, hypothyroidism and even sleep problems with reference to EB. I think perhaps there could be something there but I don't know that there is anything concrete.

I was only diagnosed with the Hypothyroid a month ago - anemic for several years (with no root cause found) and when things came to a head and I was at my worst with both was when the blood transfusion was required, which was just about 2 weeks ago - since then my numbers have rebounded a bit, I finally cracked 10 for my HGB last week, and I am doing some IV iron infusions to try and build up my iron stores. The blood transfusion, while a scary thought to me, made an immediate difference. The IV iron has been gradually helping a little bit each week, especially because I have a terrible time tolerating oral iron and it doesn't seem to make a difference in my counts.

I am hopeful that the hypothyroid IS the root cause of the anemia and that I will see my numbers continue to rise now that I am on thyroid replacement meds. The real question will be what happens when I am stabilized on the thyroid meds and blood counts and stop the Iron Infusions...I hope that I just maintain and don't start dropping again.
Hi Ami Sue

I don't think i am able to get iron infusions over here?

What sort of symptoms did you have that made you realize something was wrong originally?

Do you feel much better now have all symptoms gone get?

Please let us know how you get on

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