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ElliDi: Me too. But, fro reading these boards, esp the examples in which people are seriously anemic, with virtually no ferritin, I came to see that some hematoligists, etc were recommending that these people's levels get up to 50, or 70. I also read some medical articles, some of whcih state supplementation is helpfuk in diminishing fatigue in people who have under 50 ferritin (BMJ article). I also read some dematoligist articles stating on hair loss and ferritin, and there is belief that 70 is the ideal ferritin to stop hair loss.

You say you are a 9. What is the range?

Incidentally, I have seen a few articles on "iron depletion" that give a general figure of <16ng/ml as a cut off, without specifying a range.

Most of my drs were not concerned with my 18 (9 end of range), but given the experiences of people here, and the articles I have read, AND my extreme fatigue, I am now of a different opinion.

Can you get another opinion? I just can't afford it, so I am self-treating, tho cautiously. I did mention to the NP at my drs office I was taking iron and she said "ok". So, I will continue to monitor my ferritin and make sure it doesn't get too high, but I am not too worried about supplementing for the time being. :wave:

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