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[QUOTE=sparkles916;2952674]lindsalou : I am still only a "junior expert" in the deficiency/anemia area. One area I still don't feel comfortable with is the daily dosage of iron. I know you are doing infusions, but I wondered if you know what a safe and well-tolerated maximum daily dose would be. I wish I had seen a hematologist who felt 70 was a good number to have, instead the one I saw (one visit only) told me my 18 ferritin was fine and NOT to take iron, even after I told him about the crippling fatigue and the fact that I am hypothyroid. Hair? Been losing it since I was in my early 20's (now 40) and gave up on finding the reason.

I am taking 44 mg elemental iron liquid, though I know some pills have 65mg elemental iron. I went up only to 20 ferritin after a month of supplementing. I really don't want to wait a year or more to get up to 50-70, my goal. Any advice? Thankx:wave:[/QUOTE]

Hi there,

The best advice i can give is to try to adjust your diet. Dont take your iron pills at the same time as tea, dairy products, indigestion remedies, calcium supplements and carbonated drinks. Try a product called spatone (100% natural iron supplement - which is supposed to contain the equivelence of iron content as 8lb of brocoli!).
Try eating plenty of iron enriched foods like green leafy vegatables, red meat, pulses, and also get plenty of vitamin c which helps the body absorb iron.

The bad news is that unfortunately your iron levels will not increase overnight, it does take time (other than having infusions). The good news is that as your levels are raising is a good sign, but it can be a slow process.

As for your current iron dosage, i would not want to advise you as i am not medically qualified to do such, if you are uncomfortable asking your doc, speak with a pharmacist/chemist who are the guys in the know about safe dosages.
Good luck,


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