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[QUOTE=childofGod777;2943485 so i'm just wondering why you bought the multivitamins that contain iron. although multivitamins will probably help with something.[/QUOTE]

That's exactly why I bought them in the hope that they will do something and help with her various symptoms. Anything is worth a shot when the GP wont do anything. :)

Japlopper - The GP didn't say how Anemic she was. I asked but they didn't tell me her blood test results and how many WBC and RBC she has. All she said was she is Anemic, it isn't severe Anemia due to blood loss but it isn't mild & its caused by her Kidney. GP also said its not iron or B12 deficency as her levels are in the middle for both of these but she is more Anemic than she was last time (2 months ago). I don't understand because when she was Anemic 2 months ago she was given Iron tablets by the GP & this helped with her symptoms & it was mild Anemia back then - but now its worse & they do nothing. Just the usual re-test in 3 months. Nans results also showed abnormal Thyroid and this is also being re-checked in 3 months.

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